We are a not for profit organization, exploring new age transformational ideas that are scalable and have great impact on specific areas in the field of education.Through our collaborative projects, we reach out to a wide spectrum of learners.


Each program of ours tackles a key issue that affects the education system today, both at school and outside. With every new engaging and challenging project, we brainstorm on ideas, design and mould our template to suit that location, demography and purpose.

Our Projects

Karka Math Lab

KML is a government aided, proven disruptive solution to improve learning outcomes in middle-school Mathematics, by replacing classroom teaching with a self paced learning tool based on content from www.khanacademy.org

Gift a future

The Gift a future program works with more than 200 schools to remove economic impediments that come in the way of children completing their school education.


Karka Primary

With a mission to improve language and numeracy skills in Primary school children of Government and Government-aided schools, Karka Primary program provides a multi-modal curriculum delivery framework that enables children to be self-driven.