We are a not for profit organisation, exploring new age transformational ideas that are scalable and have great impact on specific areas in the field of education. Through our collaborative projects, we cover a wide spectrum of school education for the underprivileged students in a focussed manner.

Board Of Trustees

Management Team


Srikanth Chandrasekaran
Co-founder, Saravana Stocks Pvt. Ltd.

In the course of his career he has financially helped out the economically deprived in the areas of education and healthcare on an individual basis based on requests from individuals and institutions. These personal experiences led to a desire to make a difference and bring about transformation in as many lives as possible by involving society at large and thereby was born the idea of a setting up the Foundation.

Gita Srikanth
Founder, We CAN

Her vision for the Foundation was to channelize resources towards removing economic impediments to education and into transformational initiatives that change the very nature of the school education system. Along with her husband Srikanth, she has been helping out children by providing them with financial help and counselling. With Altius Foundation she hopes to facilitate more children to achieve their dreams.

Jayendra Panchapakesan
Co-founder, Real Image Media Technologies

He is involved as a Trustee in many institutions including Bhoomika Trust, Mahesh Memorial Trust, Jeevan Blood Bank and as the Steering Council Member at Sankara Eye Hospital. His vision for Altius is to ensure that good quality education is in the reach of not just high performers and available regardless of location or economic status.

Managing Director, Saravana Stocks Pvt. Ltd.

Education as a subject is very close to his heart and he has devoted considerable resources and time to this through SSPL Charity Foundation and Altius Foundation.

Hemamalini Jairam
Co-founder, We CAN

She shares the vision of other trustees to facilitate a change in society through systematic and sustainable action in the field of education at grass root levels. She strongly believes in the power of quality education and its vital role in human empowerment.

When a dedicated group of individuals, passionate about education come together, everything is made possible. This is the team that makes it work. From left to right;

With her silent unassuming nature Lavanya Gnanaprakash is the person who holds the back end operations of Altius Foundation together, serving as a link between the office and the field teams. If our back end functions are always running smoothly, she’s the reason why.

Anand Balakrishnan buzzes around with his constant chatter and takes care of the IT functions at Altius Foundation. A very innovative person, he’s the man who ensures we’ve got technology support that makes our work easier, faster and better.

The ultimate humane face of Altius Foundation, Latha Subramaniam epitomises the quality of empathy for people and practices this spontaneously in her interaction with people. This makes her our magnet that attracts and connects a big number of volunteer resources to Altius and all its projects. She is also the connecting link between us and most NGOs that she is associated with through Bhoomika Trust.

Making a conscious and drastic switch from a high flying lucrative corporate career in favour of devoting his energies in the education space, Krithivasan has been responsible for building team Altius and the processes behind each of our projects. Translating the vision of Altius Foundation into actionable programs following detailed field study and pilot programes has been an effort led by him that culminated in the Gift a Future, Karka Math Lab and Karka Primary projects taking shape. He’s the ultimate team leader, who motivates and energises all of us to perform and give out our best.

Uthamanathan, our office assistant does not let his role at Altius Foundation be confined to routine tasks. He takes a keen interest in the activities of the project and expresses his creativity through his artistic inputs. Uthaman, as we fondly call him, extends himself to taking care of the welfare of each and every team member so that we are able to contribute our best to Altius.

Altius Foundation upholds the highest standards of financial discipline and aims at providing all the details in a very transparent manner. This section will provide you a complete understanding of the donations received for the various projects and their utilisation. The Foundation has tax exemption under SECTION 80-G of the Income Tax act.

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