The Quest For An Ideal Learning Space

The Quest For An Ideal Learning Space

Srikanth Chandrasekaran

What is a Bongo? Apart from being a musical instrument, which is the only description I know, I figured the Bongo is also a nocturnal forest Antelope in Africa. This information was gathered from a Little Kids National Geographic site that I was browsing. I didn’t go looking for this info but it found me.

Learning for an individual is lifelong, all pervasive and is inescapable as we are virtually assaulted by information and inputs 24×7, from a variety of sources, primarily the internet. In this scenario, what is the role of a physical learning space? The rigid structures of brick and mortar and the even more rigid learning paths called curriculum ensure ends that are too specific; and many a time do not justify the time an individual spends inside the four walls. On the contrary, the internet as a source of knowledge is an ocean. What the institution does is just fill up one bottle from this ocean and deliver it to the learners there. Can we have a learning space which can channelise a larger part of this ocean into it? Can we have a space where learning is the only objective and what one learns or how one learns is completely in the hands of the learner?

The Learning Community at Quest is conceived as a movement where the collective energy of a vibrant community is channelised into a space to create a hub of learning where anyone can explore, engage and express.

This space would be one;

  • Where the common interest cutting across age, gender and ability is to pursue a lifelong journey of learning
  • Where the individual has freedom to decide what he wants to learn, how he wants to learn and how much he wants to learn
  • Where learning happens spontaneously through a process of exploration, engagement and expression and not as a rigid structured program followed by a certification
  • Where the environment is inclusive to include learners of all kinds and abilities
  • Where anyone in the community is free to engage with the space either as learners or as teachers
  • Where the virtual resources are accessed by the community in this space either as individuals or groups, to facilitate learning
  • Where the space itself would evolve depending on the learners needs