KML at Kesari Higher Secondary School

Launched in June 2016, after successful running in 3 schools across Tamil Nadu, this project focuses on children at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid, and is backed by KML’s mission.

Gift a future
Tamil Nadu

Gift a future is a web-based social movement aimed at removing economic impediments to education.

KPE at S R Kalyanaraman Memorial

This project was launched in June 2016, after the success we observed in our learners of Karka Primary, focusing on child-centric alternate model of primary education.

KPE at Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya

Established in June 2012, the Karka Primary Project showcases an alternate model of Primary education that is completely child centric, and went on till March 2016.

KML at Panchayat Union Middle School

Started in September 2015, with the mission to improve mathematical and logical thinking skills of children, through Karka Math Lab Lite.

KML at Suburban Higher Secondary School

Started in August 2015 , this project runs with KML’s vision of improving mathematical and logical thinking skills of children through timetable monitored sessions in the computer lab.

KML at Satyamurthi High School

We are excited to begin our next academic year, backed by our experience, catering to 190 students from June 2016, using KML methodology, to improve their mathematical and logical thinking skills.

KML at Sree Karpagavalli Vidhyalaya

Karka Math Lab successfully operated in Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya from Oct 2011 to Mar 2016 with a mission is to improve mathematical and logical thinking skills of children.