Gift a future International

The GAFI team is involved in different aspects of Altius Foundation’s projects. They support about 63 – 65 Gift a future scholars annually and have helped us expand the Karka Math Lab in SKV school, Mylapore.  A New Jersey based 501 (C3) certified Non Profit Charitable Organization, Gift a future International was formed in 2011. Its mission is to remove economic impediments that come in the way of education through fund raising efforts involving community based organisations and individuals, who are like-minded in their approach towards education for underpriveleged children. In addition to the support they extend to Altius Foundation, they also provide back-to-school supplies for underpriveledged children in local community schools in New Jersey, USA.

The Bhoomika Trust team provides back-end support towards Altius Foundation and also towards our Gift a Future SPARKS program. It was set up in February 2001and primarily works towards providing disaster relief and rehabilitation. The Trust has worked extensively with victims of natural disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat and the tsunami in South India. Together, we work in the area of providing educational assistance to children from underprivileged families and also facilitate assistance to other NGOs.
Real Image Media Technologies

The Real Image team provides us support for creative and design elements. In addition to this, employees take time off during their weekends to join us as facilitators/co-facilitators for our Gift a Future SPARKS program. Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading provider of technology in the film, video and audio domains and has pioneered several technology revolutions over the last 25+ years. Established in 1986, the company was instrumental in bringing computer-based digital non-linear editing to India with Avid Technology, transforming the industry and forever changing the way Indian film and television programs were edited. They subsequently brought digital cinema sound to India with DTS and helped Indian cinema leapfrog a generation, form mono sound directly to digital. With its Qube Cinema end-to-end digital cinema product line, Real Image has made an impact worldwide. It is the only Indian company – and amongst a handful worldwide – with DCI compliant digital cinema technology.

Paadhai Trust has helped Altius Foundation in setting up one of the Karka Math Labs at a school in Chennai that reaches out to underprivileged children. They also support us in delivering the Gift a Future SPARKS program. It works as a catalyst organisation to bridge gaps in social and community service. They play a crucial role in project identification, planning, implementation and reporting. Their key focus is on education, training and women’s welfare.

The Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation team has helped Altius Foundation in setting up the learning environment as a part of Karka Primary Education. Verizon Foundation is focused on using technology to solve critical social issues in the areas of energy management, education, and healthcare. Through the support of our employees and resources, we help address the needs of communities around the world. They are focused on using technology to address issues in Education, Healthcare and Energy management.

The Chennai Volunteers team provides support towards Karka Primary Education especially when it comes to volunteers. It is a social initiative that aims to foster civic engagement and ensure that non-profits can engage with volunteers in a sustainable and meaningful way. Its web portal is a dynamic tool for volunteers to find various opportunities to share and care, locate local or international partners besides enabling NGOs to share resources and exchange best practices, 24×7.

The ARCOD team helps us implement the Gift a Future program, which reaches out to underprivileged children, as a partner NGO. ARCOD is a grassroot voluntary organisation from Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu, India. It works towards the social, economical, political and health empowerment of Rural Poor, Dalits, Adivasis, Marginal and Small Farmers, Women and Children in its operational areas. Its mission is to improve the standard of living of marginalised families in its operational areas through sustainable development activities like Micro Finance, Collective Enterprises, Education, Health and other development Activities.

The Florence Home team help us implement the Gift a Future program which reaches out to underprivileged children, as a partner NGO. It is a non-profit, NGO created in 1992 as a member of Emmaus International. Their primary goal is to reach out to women and children from rural areas. Ever since its creation, its members have been helping children and women from poor and rural areas through different channels. They offer two free hostels, one for girls (30 girls) and one for boys (25 boys), micro credit program for slum and rural women, and they also run an organic farm.

The Krupalaya team is our partner NGO that helps implement our Gift a Future program in reaching out to underprivileged children. Krupalaya focuses on children, health, rural development, empowerment of women, empowerment and development of the marginalised sections of the community like the Dalits and Scheduled tribes such as Narikuravars. In the areas of health, the society is mainly engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention, care of the PLHAs (people living with HIV/AIDS) and their families and children. In the field of development the society helps the rural and urban women to empowerment through formation of self help groups. The society is also dedicated to the development of the Dalits and narikuravars, so that they may improve their life styles socially and economically.


MORE is our partner NGO who help us implement our Gift a Future program, which reaches out to underprivileged children.

Zealot Media has helped Altius Foundation in website design and copy editing. Zealot Media consists of an experienced, talented and highly qualified team of copy editing professionals.

The SSPL team provides accounting and IT support to Altius Foundation. It is a leading full service securities firm providing the entire gamut of financial services. One of the leading stock broking and advisory services in Chennai, with a dominant position among HNI clients, Saravana Stocks Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The entire firm’s activities are divided across distinct client groups: Individuals (Retail, HNI), Corporates and Financial institutions. The company thrives on its ethical and transparent business practices and a customer-first-attitude are the key focal areas of the company. It is also very active in the primary market as a syndicate member for IPO issues.