Gift a Future was created in 2009 to help students who are unable continue their education due to financial constraints. We believe that secondary education plays a significant role in shaping one’s future and also understand that government agencies cannot single handedly help increase the enrolment in secondary education. Hence, the Foundation strives to support students seeking to continue their education.

What we do

We work to increase the enrolment for secondary education in rural areas. Children from Classes 6-12 are eligible for assistance. We identify students from economically deprived sections of society who are forced to discontinue their education because of a lack of funds. Economic constraints (not academic performance) is taken into consideration while funding the education.

100% of the donations we receive is used to provide assistance for the children and the operational expenses are always borne by the Foundation (unless the donation is specifically towards operational expenses).

We encourage our donors to interact with the children they support and also continuously update donors on the performance of the students. Donors can also choose to write letters to students and hear from them directly!
Gift a Future includes a transparent system with an open platform that provides information that can be accessed at any time.

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How it has helped

This program helps nearly 900 students annually. Our expansive network in rural Tamil Nadu include 2 project managers and 5 field coordinators who work closely with over 200 schools. So far, the Gift a Future initiative has made a difference in the lives of 2600 students.


Before Gift a Future

The number of students dropping out of school because of financial constraints steadily increased.

After Gift a Future

The drop out rates significantly decreased.


Before Gift a Future

Students were constantly preoccupied with the lack of money to pay their school fees. This affected the learning in the classrooms as well. The students also did not receive much needed support from their families with setting educational goals, and thus remained demotivated and lacked a clear direction.

After Gift a Future

Altius Foundation coordinated the fees payment with the school directly and this made a significant difference to the students. With their education assured, students were now motivated to improve their grades and set goals for themselves too. In addition, mentorship programs conducted through the Foundation helped the students be better informed about future educational options as well.

Project location

Gift a Future works in 7 educationally backward districts of Tamil Nadu and over 210 schools have come forward to helps us support the students enrolled in their school.