The Karka Math Lab project, started in 2012 is a radical and path-breaking programme, inspired by educational innovations around the world. With this project, we sought to replace a traditional classroom setting with a technology-enabled self learning environment. This has now become a robust and efficient model, which can be readily replicated anywhere.

The project revolutionises middle school mathematics by simplifying it for children, using computers and specially developed software. It is a truly unique method of learning, where each child progresses at their own pace and the results have been truly remarkable!

According to the Annual Status of Education Report, 2014 released by Pratham Education Foundation, only 29.9% of Class 3 students across the country attending government educational institutions were able to solve basic subtraction problems of Class 2, and 39% of Class 5 students, could not solve the same subtraction problems. The dismal trends continue the next year as well, as nearly 48% of Class 5 students were not able to solve Class 2 math problems.

We wanted to turn this around and set out to understand the reasons for such abject figures. We researched and found out the following issues could be reasons for the poor figures —

  • Lack of competent teachers
  • Inadequate/ Inappropriate learning content
  • Lack of understanding the individual competence levels of students

Inspired by Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the wall experiment and easily accessible content on Khan Academy, we set out to create the very first Karka Math Lab. The main purpose of the project was to create a system where learning Math was easy, happened irrespective of competent teachers, made the student the primary stakeholder of his/her learning and had content that was end-to-end.

How it works

Karka Math Lab is a system which addresses issues that inhibit learning. We thus designed a learning platform with the learner at the helm. It provides an active learning journey to a large number of students across socio-economic strata and allows the learner to take charge of their learning. The content remains familiar for the students as it complements the Government prescribed curriculum.

In addition to setting up Karka Math Labs in schools, we train the respective math teachers to become facilitators and encourage them to engage with each student based on their pace of learning.

To know more, visit karkakalvi.org

The Difference it has Made


Before Karka Math Labs

The teacher’s primary focus was to complete portions and therefore approached the class as one unit. Since many of the students were first generation learners, they could not cope without individual attention.

After Karka Math Labs

The teachers were trained to be facilitators and this helped them understand the needs of each student better. They could now provide solutions, depending on the level of the learner.


Before Karka Math Labs

The school was struggling with negligible learning outcomes and significant drop-out rates, which also affected their admissions rate.

After Karka Math Labs

With Karka Math Lab, the school witnessed the power of technology in enhancing learning and convinced more students to remain in school.


Before Karka Math Labs

Most students were extremely demotivated and did not seem too keen to learn or attend school.

After Karka Math Labs

This model provided an environment where they took charge of their own learning and did this at their own pace. It kindled their interest to learn and also gave them a first-hand experience of how technology can impact lives. All this made them enthusiastic learners!

Project location

Karka Math Lab in 14 schools across 6 districts, supporting 1352 students learn mathematics independently.